My online courses are specifically designed for executives like you, those who want to succeed and know that speaking with impact is critical to their success. 


My passion is enabling your success.

You have two options. 

  • The first, "Stand Out Whenever You Speak - Express," is designed for people in a hurry; their presentation is imminent.  Express includes, how to:

    • Design your presentation so it is impactful, beginning to end​

      • Start with the end, your conclusion​

      • Next, answer the important W5H questions

      • Identify necessary evidence

      • Craft a memorable close

    • Speak with a compelling delivery style​

      • Become an instant expert with the PAUSE delivery technique​

    • Always stay on message​

      • Never forget or ramble​


  • The second, "Stand Out Whenever You Speak - Classic," is designed for those people who want more, and Classic delivers.  In addition to giving you the basics, Classic shows you how to apply these proven techniques to;

    • Networking events

    • Key Conversations, and

    • Virtual Meetings


  • Additionally, Classic gives you the following bonuses:​

    • A one-hour virtual coaching session with me - $500 value

    • A copy of my book, "PAUSE - Stand Out Whenever You Speak" - priceless :) 

    • Several Back Pocket presentation templates - $750 value


Here’s a comparison of the two courses.

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