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How far will you go with nothing holding you back?


Speaking with impact is a critical life skill, yet eight out of ten adults feel uncomfortable speaking to an audience, face-to-face or even screen-to-screen.  Because of that, they aren't recognized for their great ideas, lose that important sale, or are passed over for that key promotion.

Studies show that 77% of us feel uncomfortable getting up and speaking to a group of people.  At the best of times, we're all anxious public speakers.  Our shyness, nerves, anxiety make us uncomfortable about what we say and how we say it. 


I help leaders stand out, engage, inspire & influence others when they speak.


Whether briefing internal stakeholders, meeting with clients, presenting to the board, delivering after dinner remarks or a scripted address to a conference attended by hundreds of people, I help managers and executives learn how to speak at their best... to be great at delivering the spoken word.



The Secrets to Speaking with Impact


Two Ways Really!

1. Live, in person or virtually and

2. Online, a choice of two video programs.

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