The Following Programs Are Available In-person or Virtually
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  1. Speak with Impact - Two Part Program

Today, it is not enough to have the best product, the best service, or the best idea.  It is critical to be able to convince an audience, any audience that your product, service, or idea is the very best.


By taking this two - part program, you will learn how to speak at your best... to always Speak with Impact.

Part 1 Impactful Structure (1 hour)

Specifically, learn how to:

- Structure your presentations for ultimate impact

- Make your message unforgettable

Part 2 Compelling Delivery (1 hour)

Specifically, learn how to:

- Identify your natural and most effective speaking style

- Leverage the power of your audience


 2. Influence Key Conversations (1 hour)

In this program, you will walk away with the knowledge and practical skills to prepare for and conduct face-to-face meetings with confidence, knowing that what you say will influence the outcome.  The net result?  You'll build strong business relationships.


Specifically, you will learn the skills to:

- Build rapport quickly

- Ensure all relevant information gets extracted for consideration

- Clarify and articulate meaningful solutions

- Gain commitment and progress the relationship


 3. Manage Difficult Conversations (1 hour)

Conversations become difficult when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong.  We should be at our best, but we often fall short.  In this program, you learn and practice how to handle tough conversations on virtually any topic.  In fact, how to stand out as a true, confident leader.


Specifically, you learn how to:

- Identify and manage difficult conversations

- Identify your personal style under stress

- Develop mutual purpose and respect

- Give and receive feedback effectively and graciously

 4. Work any Room (1 hour)

Everyone knows that networking at meetings, conferences and social events is important in building business relationships and identifying new opportunities.  Yet, faced with the prospect of meeting new people, 75% of us experience some form of anxiety.


Specifically, you learn how to:

- Achieve the confidence, ease, grace, and poise – to speak to anyone, at  any event and build lasting relationships.


 5. Lead Team Meetings, Online & In Person (1 hour)

In these uncertain times, leading a team virtually, is no longer an option.  Face-to-face meetings have been replaced with Zoom, Webex, Google Meet and others.  Conducting online meetings can be very effective, if one knows how.


Specifically, you will learn how to:

- Set meaningful team expectations

- Prepare skillful remarks

- Keep team interest and participation throughout

- Drive for results

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