Meet Barry

Speaking with impact is simple, it's like excelling at any skill...

First, learn the principles, next, embrace and practice them,               finally and importantly, chart your progress.

... Barry Kuntz

Coach, Speaker & Author

Helping people to standout whenever they speak is my passion.  It has been for the past 10 years.  I am blessed with a wonderful array of clients in all sectors and industries ranging from budding entrepreneurs to corporate executives, at all levels.  I love nothing better than to hear when my clients win an important pitch, convinces management to embark on a needed strategy or gets a standing ovation at their industry conference. 


One thing is sure... to be able to speak to impact is a critical life skill.  It's very difficult to succeed if you can't speak with influence.  The good news?  The secrets to standing out when you speak are few and easy to understand.  I've laid it all out for you in this web site.

How far will you go with nothing holding you back?​  Join with me... learn to Stand Out Whenever You Speak!

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