Ted Lancaster, CEO

Barry is an excellent coach not only myself but other team members I have worked with have benefited from Barry's coaching. He is worth the investment.

Nick Chambers, Partner

Highly recommended. Barry is a superb speaking coach.

Leanne Jefferies, VP

This is a great course. If you would like to improve the way you deliver, when making a speech, presentation, or even just a meeting, Barry's course will help you. Be less nervous in front of a crowd and stand out.

Rick Peterson, President

Great stuff. If you haven't worked with this guy, you're likely not as good as you think you are. Or as you could be.

Deborah Nixon, VP

Barry transformed my presentation but more importantly, barry  transformed me. He has a unique vision and an ability to see what is possible- even when I couldn't.

Len Nanjad, Senior Advisor

Barry is one of the best in the business for leaders who really want to make impact - with every word.

Corinne Lavictoire, CEO

Barry delivered the most valuable hour of 1:1 coaching, ever! I walked away with immediately applicable tangible results and a sense of empowerment. A rare experience, indeed.

John Panigas, President 

I've the pleasure of being coached by Barry. Do yourself a favour and check him out, you'll not be sorry.​

Lisa Fenton, Speaker

If you want to present with Impact and Influence book a session with Barry. I now have tips and strategies to present with Impact! Thanks for the great coaching session. 

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